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The orthodontic therapies have a price scale that varies in accordance with the difficulties involved Treatment to treatment times, costs of materials. It is therefore evident that in first visit you can provide the patient with only a range of minimum-maximum (the narrowest possible) to'inside of which can be placed on the cost of the services in question. In order to have the final price is necessary a clinical picture definitive, obtainable only through a case study complete clinical evaluations, anamnestic, radiographic photographic. You make available to patients, all modes of payment under the different forms: checks, cash. atms. subsidies. ongoing subsidies. The policy of the study is to meet the needs of families. It is proposed to coat the'full amount without interest and throughout the duration of the treatment. a ratio then based entirely on trust doctor-patient. You can also provide the costs of the following basic performance:

• First visit: 50.00€
• Study of orthodontic case: 200,00 €
• Oral Hygiene training: 70.00 €
• Dental whitening in-office: 250,00 €
• Seals preventive dental grooves: 25,00 €/dente
• Topical applications of fluorine: 10,00 € Dental arch
• Endorali radiographs: 10.00 € tooth
• Sitting of Loghopedy: 50.00 €

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