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Our study of Excellence and Research.

Skill in Orthodontics: my idea of skill and a frequency "Full time", a choice that has forced me to leave the national borders. I was not interested in a title on paper, but to acquire the bases the deepest of this discipline. Thanks to my commitment but also to'help of my parents I was able to live out their dreams of specializzarmi to'Tel Aviv University (1993-1996).

Clinical excellence: must always be attested by someone'other. Obtain a "Board" (Certificate of clinical excellence) means have been exposed to the judgment of the international commissions on their clinical cases. I obtained the European Board of orthodontics at Aarhus in Denmark in 2004 (EBO, that counts in Europe currently 101 orthodontists certificates: Www.eoseurope.org/ebo/ebo). I obtained the Italian Board of orthodontics at Rimini in 2005 (IBO, that counts in Italy currently 101 orthodontists certificates: www.sido.it/ibo.asp). On another level but always of relief i obtained from national commissions, the titles of actual shareholder of'Italian Academy of orthodontics in 2011 (www.accademiaitalianadiortodonzia.it) and an active member of the Italian Society of Orthodontics always in 2011 (www.sido.it).

Search: Update is a need that comes from inside especially if one has the good fortune to love your work. Remain confined to'within our dental surgeries is very risky, because the lack of a comparison would be a serious threat to the ability to be self-critical, an indispensable condition for a continuous clinical improvement. From my point of view it is appropriate to a commitment on both fronts: as a participant in the courses/congresses but also as rapporteur in the first line.

Excellence and research in Verona
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