Affordable Treatments

Orthodontic therapies have a price that varies depending on treatment difficulties, treatment times, and material costs. It is therefore evident that at the first visit, the patient can only provide a minimum range (as small as possible) within which the cost of the performance can be estimated. For a definitive price, a definitive clinical picture is required, which can only be obtained through a complete set of clinical, anamnestic, radiographic and photographic evaluations. Patients are able to pay by means of a number of payment methods, including checks, cash. debit. and electronic transfers. Also debit orders. The policy of the studio is to meet the needs of families, who often find the initial deposit hard to pay.  Instead, we suggest that they spread the entire figure out over a number of months. Without interest and throughout the duration of the treatment. Based entirely on trust. However, the following basic rates do apply:
  • First visit: 50.00 €
  • Study of Orthodontic Case: €200,00
  • Professional oral hygiene: €60.00
  • In-office dental whitening: €250.00
  • Dental seal preventive sealing: €25.00 / tooth
  • Topical fluorine applications: € 10.00 dental arch
  • Endoscopic radiographs: €10.00 per tooth
  • Speech therapy session : €50.00
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