Our staff

Dott. Giaretta Michele

Dr. Giaretta Michele, Owner
Dr. Giaretta Michele is a graduate of dentistry who specializes in Orthodontics. He focuses exclusively on this and it has led him to open this specialized orthodontic studio
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Dott.ssa Avesani Krizia

Dr. Avesani Krizia.
Dental hygiene, deals with dental cleanings, preventative dental seals, dental bleaching, topical fluorine applications. She is professional and delicate
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Dot.tssa Visentin Jessica

Visentin Jessica,
As a speech therapist, she deals essentially with myopathic therapies, ie the rehabilitation of linguistic functions when they have been affected by gums and chewing habits.
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Federica Bighellini

Federica Bighellini,
Dental assistant, very comfortable in the secretarial area thanks to her people skills. She develops direct relationships with the patient that are indispensable to the creation of a reciprocal
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Renèe Gatti

Renèe Gatti,
Dental assistant of fine quality, passionate about perfection. Also provides a communicative and social dimension to the front desk 
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