Excellence and research

Specialty in Orthodontics: My idea of ​​specialty is a "Full Time" job, a choice that forced me to leave the national borders. I was not interested in a paper title, but to acquire the deepest foundations of this discipline. Thanks to my commitment but also to the help of my parents I was able to achieve the dream of specializing at Tel Aviv University (1993-1996). Israel is a crossroads of the world and allowed me to get orthodontic perspectives from both Europe as well as the United States.


Clinical excellence always has to be verified by a third party.
A "Board" (Certificate of Clinical Excellence) means being exposed to international committees in their own clinical cases.
I got the European Board of Orthodontics certification at Aarhus in Denmark in 2004 (EBO, which currently has 101 certified Orthodontists in Europe: www.eoseurope.org/ebo/ebo).
I got the Board of Orthodontics certification in Rimini in 2005 (IBO, which currently has 101 certified Orthodontists in Italy: www.sido.it/ibo.asp).
I have also been honoured by national commissions, achieving the titles of Acting Partner of the Italian Orthodontic Academy in 2011 (www.accademiaitalianadiortodonzia.it) and Active Member of the Italian Society of Orthodontics in 2011 (www. sido.it).


Research: Staying up to date is crucial if you are lucky enough to love your work. Staying confined to our dental clinics is very risky, as the lack of comparison would seriously jeopardize the ability to engage in some level of healthy self-criticism,. Such criticism and analysis is indispensable when it comes to continuous clinical improvement. From my point of view, this must be a commitment from  both sides: as a participant in courses / congresses, but also as a keynote speaker.


Communication course: My course from 2006-2007 at the Superior Communication Center in Verona (Censupcom by Alberto Bonizzato and Laura De Biasi) was the experience of a lifetime. It it does not taught with outdated methods, but instead uses a range of visuals as well as empathy and emotional awareness. It is a modern "Know yourself" course. Finally, physicians can get it across to a patient that "I'm listening to you".
Ricerca medica Ortodonzia
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