Who I am

dentisti specializzati, igiene orale, cure dentali

I was born in Verona on October 21, 1966.

I attended the Liceo Scientifico and later the Faculty of Medicine with the Degree in Dentistry in Verona, where I graduated in July 1990.

From 1991-1992 I went into the civil service, volunteering at the UILDM center in Verona (the Italian Union of Muscular Dystrophy).

In 1992, I attended several universities in the USA and specifically in New York (New York University, Columbia University), Boston (Boston University, Harvard University, Tufts University), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania University) and Dallas (Baylor College of Dentistry) Great experiences where I further developed my knowledge and expertise.

Then I decided to specialize in orthodontics in Israel from 1993 to 1996 at the renowned instituted in Tel Aviv.

During my career I have received some prestigious Certificates (Boards), like E.B.O. (European Board of Orthodontics) in Denmark in 2004 and I.B.O. (Italian Board of Orthodontics) in Rimini in 2005.

I perform my orthodontic work exclusively in my own studio, using but a few selected partners from time to time.
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